Respectful Workplace


This one day intensive program for managers covers: what constitutes harassment and discrimination, sexual harassment, duty to accommodate, developing human rights policies and procedures and touches on investigating complaints. This program has been modified for employers who are federally (Canadian Human Right Act) or provincially regulated (Ontario Human Right Code). Note: List of grounds and social areas as they vary from provinces are included in training resource material.

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Kits can also be customized by adding company logos, colours, design elements, industry specific graphics,case scenarios and corporate policies.

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Client Testimonial

To Whom It May Concern:

Subject: HR Proactive

I'd pretty much given up on buying off-the-shelf training materials. Each time I tried 'canned programs,' I was dissatisfied with some or most aspects. Packages were either light on content, included insufficient guidelines for Facilitators, or lacked activities with a clear link to the material and experiential application.

HR Proactive has been a real find for me and my business. I value the completeness and quality of their materials. Their Human Rights program provides well-presented content, simple and helpful lesson plans, and excellent activitites to ensure transfer of learning. They even tailored their workshop materials to suit my clients in Federally regulated workplaces!

In March 2003 I attended the launch of HR Proative's two-day workshop "Investigating Human Rights In the Workplace." I found the workshop to be very comprehensive, delivered by a trainer with a wealth of hands-on experience to draw on. Perhaps the best indicator for me as to the value of the program is that I have since returned to the materials as a practical reference and refresher when I carry out investigations.

I've saved considerably on development time, and feel that I have finally found a source for training materials which gives me great value for my money.


Gail Lawrence, Certified Instructional
TrendLine Consulting Services
Human Resources Management Consultants