One-on-One Sensitivity - Sexual Harassment Training for Employees

One on One Training

Establishing a workplace culture of respect, and following up in a timely manner when someone has stepped over the line, are the two best ways for an employer to practice due diligence, and ensure that employees know that the employer "has their back".

Eventually, though, the employer will likely have to face what to do when an employee has crossed the line and breached the company's sexual harassment policy. That's where HR Proactive comes in, with its leading-edge One-on-One Sexual Harassment in the Workplace Training/Coaching Program.

This remedial sensitivity program, with an instructor, is customized to meet the specific training needs of your organization and your employee. We work with the employee to develop an action plan to restore workplace relationships, regulate behaviour, and establish boundaries to ensure respectful conduct. HR Proactive has extensive training materials on Preventing Sexual Harassment already developed and ready to roll-out with your employee.

The sensitivity program is available in half-day format, or a more intense one-day interactive workshop.

Once the sexual harassment training program is completed, HR Proactive provides the employer with a letter of completion for the employee personnel file, as well as a Certificate of Completion for the employee.

This sexual harassment sensitivity program is an invaluable tool for employers meeting their due diligence. In the case of a particularly recalcitrant employee, our sensitivity training program is often used as part of a "last chance agreement".

HR Proactive leads the way in Human Rights training in Ontario.

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