Respect & Civility

Canada-Wide Live Virtual Training:
Respect & Civility for Employees and Managers


In today’s increasingly diverse workplace, it is important for employers to create and maintain a climate of respect and trust among employees. They are foundational values that apply equally to everyone.

Our Live 'Respect & Civility Training' is not about the law but rather focuses on why a respectful workplace is important. Training compliments Code of Conduct, Harassment and other related Policies. The Agenda can be customized to meet your requirements whether it is specific to employee or manager training, groups or one-on-one. This 2.5 hour virtual, instructor-led session is presented using an online platform such as Zoom or Skype.


  • Improved morale
  • Increased productivity
  • Greater job satisfaction
  • Perception of fairness
  • Enhanced relationships

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Agenda can be customized to meet your employee needs.


Our live Canada-wide virtual Respect and Civility in the Workplace session for employees includes:

  • Respect & Civility 15-minute video
  • How to set an example to promote Respect & Civility in the Workplace
  • How to enhance relationships with co-workers, customers and the public
  • How to perceive fairness
  • Ways to promote a Respectful and Civil Workplace
  • Tips for a Respectful and Civil Workplace
  • Experiential Learning Activity (Optional)
    • Questions presented for group discussion on what a respectful and civil workplace looks like to employees;
    • Employees develop and implement a Respectful Workplace Charter based on answers to discussion questions.

Manager training includes:

  • Personal Conduct for Managers
  • Managing Workplace Conflict
  • Communication and Coaching for Leaders

Employers wanting to create a respectful workplace as part of their corporate identity ensure Code of Conduct Standards are enforced and Workplace Harassment & Discrimination Policies are followed as intended.

Employees will recognize the impact their words and actions can have on others.

Employee Learning Objectives

  • Describe a respectful and civil workplace
  • Understand the importance of respect in the workplace
  • Review the skills and attitudes needed to effectively demonstrate respectful behaviour
  • How to identify disrespectful behaviour
  • Learn the proper methods to address disrespectful behaviour
  • Tips to create and maintain respect in your workplace culture

Manager Add-on Learning Objectives

  • Define personal conduct and recognize how you model personal conduct as a leader
  • Identify and determine how to address conflict situations and steps to take to resolve inter-personal workplace conflict
  • Recognize leadership, communication and coaching techniques

Takeaway: Employees will be provided with a Respect and Civility in the Workplace: Ten Tips handout as a quick resource.

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To create and maintain a respectful and civil workplace, we need to extend kindness, courtesy, restraint, and respect to our co-workers. How respected employees feel, reflects in their interactions both inside and outside of the workplace.

HR Proactive offers a blended learning solution with our
Online Respectful Workplace Harassment Prevention Training.
This training will benefit new hires and can be rolled-out as an employee refresher course.
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