Individual "One-on-One" Sensitivity Training or Remedial Training for Workplace Restoration


HR Proactive can provide individual, “One-on-One” training, coaching and counseling for your staff, when the need arises in your workplace. This service provides an effective way of addressing inappropriate behaviour or assisting employees who may be encountering difficulty interacting with or managing others. This program can also be delivered as a group session.

Individualized training may be required as a result of an internal issue, situation or harassment investigation, where remedial or corrective action and assistance for an individual employee has been identified and/or agreed upon as a means of resolution and workplace restoration. Sometimes, through performance management and assessment, a need to improve or enhance interpersonal skills and interaction can also be identified.

Personalized sensitivity training may also assist management-level staff to better understand and deal more skillfully with issues of workplace diversity and accommodation situations.


This customized training, is an effective and respectful way of addressing inappropriate workplace behaviours, taking corrective action, and minimizing disruption to your workforce. At the same time, it affords you an opportunity to retain experienced, long-term employees in whom you have invested much effort and expense.


HR Proactive can help you to assess if this method of training is appropriate given the circumstances at hand and can design customized and personalized sessions to address the facts of the particular situation. HR Proactive’s highly skilled trainers can then deliver the agreed-upon number of sessions (each session is usually three to four hours in length), which can vary depending upon the severity of the situation, the individual’s needs and the possible terms of a complaint settlement.

At the end of the session, HR Proactive will provide a written assessment of the participant’s performance, with recommendations for any additional assistance, supports or follow-up to ensure a successful restoration of the workplace.


The training may take place at the workplace or off-site, depending upon the circumstances. We will work with the client to identify a neutral place, whether at or in proximity to the workplace, that allows for the training to be provided in a discreet, respectful and professional environment. For remote locations or where circumstances warrant, we can deliver instructor led training in real time over the internet and/or telephone.

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